Friday, July 2, 2010

Vacation, continued

The weather has been cool, but no rain at least. The girls made some tye-die tank tops and we took a ride to the Friendship Festival yesterday. Just like Riverside Park only with Canadians. They had this cool "chalk walk" where kids entered and drew on a slab of sidewalk with chalk. There were some awesome creations. Bought another tye-die kit and some more t-shirts for them to work on today.

It wouldn't be a festival without motorcycles.

Or an Elvis Impersonator.

Two girls drawing the Canadiana with chalk.

The ride that gave them both a headache.

Remember when time at the beach meant actually going in the water and walking through the sand? Not with teenagers today! They are too busy with their iPods, TV and complaining they are bored. (As I sit here typing on my computer!) So far, I am the only one who has walked the beach and I have logged more miles on the bike than M&M and Clara have combined. They get one drop of water on their bathing suits and they get tossed in the wash. Those suits have spent more time going through the washing machine than they have in the lake!

I did get them to head down with me and managed to persuade them to stay a whole hour and a half. They started asking to leave before an hour and Clara didn't want to go in the water so of course M&M didn't go either. On the plus side, we did get those fabulous fries!

Nick returns tonight after working 2 days. I'll be waiting at the door for him. Our freezer stopped working, but I only discovered it when I found about $50 worth of meat totally thawed out. Hope he can fix it.

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