Sunday, September 26, 2010

Reunion Weekend

There are not enough superlatives to describe how well the class reunion went yesterday.  Cindy & I have been frantically exchanging emails all week, but it all came together in the end.  The food was adequate, everything else was awesome!  The dance floor was packed for every song, and the most unusual pairs were up on the floor together.

Our class prez gave a great trip down memory lane with his speech and our emcee was perfect!  We honored our football coach with a great speech from a couple of his "team".  Later this fall he will be inducted into the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame.

Rev. Buthy said grace before dinner and remembered our eighteen classmates who are no longer with us.

I have been at this for 18 months, what am I going to do with all my free time?  I've got to find a new project!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Burn Baby Burn

Went to my boss' wife's 40th birthday party last night - disco themed. Couldn't believe how many people dressed up and how many big 'fros there were!  I dug through my closet and came up with the closest to disco top I could find.   I haven't danced that much in years ... so I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Friday, September 17, 2010

100 CDs on the Wall

Yes! They are done, the 100 CDs I decided to make at the last minute for our class reunion. Now, how can I keep myself from anally looking at each one to make sure they burned correctly? Should I just take the computer's word for it?

All that's left to do is a couple of name tags and to pick up a frame for the Riverside Lighthouse Mosaic.  The mosaic I made using Andrea Mosaic of all our senior photos made into a photo of the school was a big hit at the planning meeting.  I'm going to have to make sure I get a print for myself.  In the middle is Coach Dingboom being presented with a jersey.  Can't wait to give it to him.  He'll be inducted into the Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame in November.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Where have the years gone?

Since my daughter growled about having her first day of school picture taken yesterday, I decided to show her the progression over the years.  Hopefully this will keep the grumbling down next year.  Can't believe the changes over the years.  Couldn't find 2004 picture on my hard drive.  You know what that means?  Digging through boxes of pictures!  Think I had some camera issues in 2004.

Another bonus of getting these all together was checking out my different flowers over the years. Funny how our tastes change.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Way too much talk about ankle boots on Two Peas

It feels like fall and there has been just too many discussions about ankle boots at Two Peas and I vaguely remembered seeing a pair in the Payless ad that I thought were pretty cute.  And it just so happened that I didn't have anything to do at lunchtime today AND there is a Payless a couple of blocks from my office, so I thought what the heck!

I LOVE these boots.  Now what the heck do I wear them with?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cathedral of Learning

While we were in Pittsburgh for our sandwich at Primanti Brothers, we managed to squeeze in a trip to the University of Pittsburgh.  Not only to see the beautiful architecture but to hopefully inspire our daughter to improve her grades.  Who wants to go to a community college when they can go so somewhere like the University of Pittsburgh?

We rode up to the 36th floor of the Cathedral of Learning and the elevator ride was surprisingly quick AND smooth.  I normally don't care for elevators, but this one didn't bother me a bit.  The highlight of the trip, however, were the Nationality Classrooms.  Each room decorated in the decor of that country.  For the Christmas holidays, each room is also decorated in their native holiday decor.  The rooms were spectacular, each more beautiful than the next. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

School Clothes Shopping!

Oh, how I loved to go shopping for new school clothes when I was a kid.  Oh the anticipation of finding the perfect outfit for the first day of school.  But clothes shopping was never like this!  My mother took me to one store, maybe two if I was really lucky.  And we picked out skirts and dresses ... at least until we were juniors and they allowed girls to wear "slacks".

I never had choices like this.

And I never shopped in stores that had displays like these.  Oh, my daughter was mortified when I took a picture. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

High school football season is upon us and it was a glorious weather night last night for the opening game at RHS field.  Lots of dignitaries on hand and one special guest in attendance, Coach Charles Dingboom.  Coach Dingboom will be inducted into the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame this fall.  On hand were some members of some great teams from the 60s and 70s to watch as assistant coach Steve Pangallo presented him with a jersey.  The only downside of the night was the fact that the Frontiers lost their opening game at home.  It was a poorly played offense on both sides of the ball and it appeared the officials were not quite back into the groove of the season either.  The Niagara Falls Wolverines beat the Frontiers 9-2.  Sounds more like a baseball score.