Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vacation, so far.

Well, I think the town of Crystal Beach is going to request we stop coming. We're ruining the beach economy by bringing the bad weather. Poured like crazy the first day we were here. Last night it was so cold the girls sat out on the deck with blankets wrapped around them.

But, it has been perfect working weather. And working is what we do best. Nick finished the railing on the deck and got our screen doors put in. Too bad it's been so cold, we haven't had the doors open much! But they look great and Nick won't cringe looking at the siding that was too short to reach the door molding.

Back to work for Nick tomorrow, so I am on my own with the girls for 2 days. They were already bored by yesterday afternoon. Hope the Friendship Festival tomorrow will be something fun. They did manage to get in a little cliff jumping at Sherkston yesterday, went down for ice cream and played a couple games of chess and had some fun with sparklers last night. Pictures came out great.

Nick hard at work.

Nick finally sitting down.
Ann & Clara - note the faces.
Bad weather follows us.

Fun with sparklers:

Off for more adventures.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A fun evening and a new project

Had a wonderful evening at my friend, David's last night with his frient Annie. Lots of gardening and pet talk. And since she is on the Buffalo Garden Walk committee, I got a preview of the Garden Walk Guide and this year's poster! So no walking around on a hot July day at the walk carrying around a poster that I try so hard not to get wrinkled. If you live in the Buffalo area and have never attended the Garden Walk, you don't know what you're missing. It is one of the premiere garden walks in the whole country! Check them out at Garden Walk Buffalo.

Here's my new project. I garbage picked this beautiful bed and here it is all set up on my patio. Thought I better make sure it went together properly and was sturdy before I set forth painting it. Can't wait to see it in periwinkle!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gettin' Ready for Vaca!

We're off to the cottage for the week and hopefully the weathermen will be wrong. As usual, rain is predicted practically every day. I swear, I should sell the information on when I am going to take off during the summer, just so people can plan their outdoor events on other weeks. Oh well, at least we won't have to worry that our neighbor forgets to water our plants.

Why is it so much work to go on vacation? Tried to get all the laundry caught up and the house straightened up as best I could. Think I will just close M&M's door when we leave, because that ain't ever getting cleaned up by tomorrow.

Nick went ahead of us in hopes of getting the new screen doors up before we get there. So far, all he's done is take the old trim off the door frames and found out that one of the screens has a bunch of rips in it. Home Depot was kind enough to give me a new roll of screen, but it just means extra work for Nick.

I've got lots of fun things for M&M and her friend, Clara to do while we are there. Got a nice tie-dye kit and some wife beater tank tops for them to work on. Got a bunch of glo sticks as they are planning on taking some pictures at night with my new camera. Got some big bubble wands too, don't know why 15 year olds would want them, but they asked. Hopefully they will be able to stand each other, and I will be able to stand them for a whole week.

Think I will take my camera book and spend some time reading up on how to use the camera on manual so I can get some pictures of the fireworks on the beach on the Fourth of July.

I'll get some pictures posted later. Picture It is no longer working, so I will be forced to learn how to use Photoshop.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A very bad day, indeed.

If it could go wrong, it did today. First I started the day with a meeting that I was told would last till 10am. That was perfect since M&M has her last exam this morning and I could pick her up after the meeting. Well, it got to be 10:20, then 10:40 and I finally made a break for my phone. Told her I would pick her up after 11. Finally left non-chalantly at 11:20 and my car wouldn't start. Got our intern to take me to get her.

Then it was like an announcement went out that I was going to be on vacation next week. Everyone had computer problems. Sure hope they don't find my number at the cottage for next week.

On the plus side, my car did start back up. Only after M&M called to tell me that 2 of her 3 fish died. Needless to say, I cracked open a drink as soon as I was home for the evening. I drank it while my dinner was running over in the oven and filling the house with smoke.

So in honor of my bad day, I will post a few pictures that make me smile.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Great day!

Today is just absolutely gorgeous out - high 70s, not humid, sun is shining. Just the perfect day to be at the cottage, but I'm not. That will have to wait until tomorrow. So you know what that means? You can bet it will rain tomorrow! M&M is having a couple friends sleep over tonight and then we are heading for a day at the cottage. Promised them they could go cliff jumping after I get a little work done.

Two exams done, 3 to go. When I went to pick M&M up from her Algebra exam this afternoon I decided to drive down the street that had hostas out to the curb last night. The hostas were gone but I scored a great mirror frame off an old dresser and there sitting right behind it was the matching bed frame. Made M&M get out of the truck to help me load it. In broad daylight, no less! Only plans for it now is to keep Nick from seeing it and then deciding what color to paint it. Can you say Shabby Chic? Then, have to decide where it's going to go, cottage or home.

And here is a project that actually got finished, an old kitchen chair from my Mother's attic. The paint was very buckled, but I just sanded a bit and painted right over. Don't you just love the color?

Off for haircuts tonight and pizza for the girls.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Susan Komen Race for the Cure

If you want one of the most moving experiences of your life, participate in a Susan Komen Race. To see that survivors parade that seems to go on forever is surreal. And to see people you recognize that you haven't seen for years wearing their pink survivor's shirt takes your breath away.

Our office participated in our 3rd annual Komen Race yesterday. The weather forecast was intermittent showers and it sure looked like it when we got there. But our race is always the same weekend as the Allentown Art Festivial and the festival Gods always smile down on them. I can only remember one year in the last twenty or so where there was rain. So, instead of rain it just got hotter and more humid. This was the first year I have have walked the full length - 5K. The route was changed and it was a beautifully scenic walk down some gorgeous Buffalo Streets. It is great to see people doing something with all those old houses.

Here's a few shots from the race.

My co-worker Ina and her granddaughter.

I walk in celebration of My Life.

Releasing of the doves.

Survivor's parade

More survivor's parade, with my co-worker, Betsy in the middle.


Ina and Betsy on stage

Warm ups before the race

Love the socks!

Check out the shaved heads with the pink ribbons.

Love it!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Spring projects

I always have a to do list a mile long come spring. Some of them I actually get done! So, here's a little sampling of the finished and unfinished. Hopefully I will be posting some more finished ones in the not so distant future.

Aren't these great squares I found at my mother's? They will eventually be 2 quilts for M&M's room at the cottage.

Here's a dresser a friend at work gave me.

Isn't the finished project gorgeous?

A table I scrounged from a friend's garage that was left by a tenant.

Can you say Shabby Chic?

A great garage sale find. To paint or not to paint?

That's it for now. There's a few more miscellaneous projects to be done. Aything to keep from cooking or cleaning.

This is what victory looks like

Memorial Day the final regatta of the spring was held. The girls were confident, but you never know what might happen. Anyone could "catch a crab". But they came away victorious! Nick was as excited as they were.