Friday, June 18, 2010

Great day!

Today is just absolutely gorgeous out - high 70s, not humid, sun is shining. Just the perfect day to be at the cottage, but I'm not. That will have to wait until tomorrow. So you know what that means? You can bet it will rain tomorrow! M&M is having a couple friends sleep over tonight and then we are heading for a day at the cottage. Promised them they could go cliff jumping after I get a little work done.

Two exams done, 3 to go. When I went to pick M&M up from her Algebra exam this afternoon I decided to drive down the street that had hostas out to the curb last night. The hostas were gone but I scored a great mirror frame off an old dresser and there sitting right behind it was the matching bed frame. Made M&M get out of the truck to help me load it. In broad daylight, no less! Only plans for it now is to keep Nick from seeing it and then deciding what color to paint it. Can you say Shabby Chic? Then, have to decide where it's going to go, cottage or home.

And here is a project that actually got finished, an old kitchen chair from my Mother's attic. The paint was very buckled, but I just sanded a bit and painted right over. Don't you just love the color?

Off for haircuts tonight and pizza for the girls.

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