Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gettin' Ready for Vaca!

We're off to the cottage for the week and hopefully the weathermen will be wrong. As usual, rain is predicted practically every day. I swear, I should sell the information on when I am going to take off during the summer, just so people can plan their outdoor events on other weeks. Oh well, at least we won't have to worry that our neighbor forgets to water our plants.

Why is it so much work to go on vacation? Tried to get all the laundry caught up and the house straightened up as best I could. Think I will just close M&M's door when we leave, because that ain't ever getting cleaned up by tomorrow.

Nick went ahead of us in hopes of getting the new screen doors up before we get there. So far, all he's done is take the old trim off the door frames and found out that one of the screens has a bunch of rips in it. Home Depot was kind enough to give me a new roll of screen, but it just means extra work for Nick.

I've got lots of fun things for M&M and her friend, Clara to do while we are there. Got a nice tie-dye kit and some wife beater tank tops for them to work on. Got a bunch of glo sticks as they are planning on taking some pictures at night with my new camera. Got some big bubble wands too, don't know why 15 year olds would want them, but they asked. Hopefully they will be able to stand each other, and I will be able to stand them for a whole week.

Think I will take my camera book and spend some time reading up on how to use the camera on manual so I can get some pictures of the fireworks on the beach on the Fourth of July.

I'll get some pictures posted later. Picture It is no longer working, so I will be forced to learn how to use Photoshop.

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