Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vacation, so far.

Well, I think the town of Crystal Beach is going to request we stop coming. We're ruining the beach economy by bringing the bad weather. Poured like crazy the first day we were here. Last night it was so cold the girls sat out on the deck with blankets wrapped around them.

But, it has been perfect working weather. And working is what we do best. Nick finished the railing on the deck and got our screen doors put in. Too bad it's been so cold, we haven't had the doors open much! But they look great and Nick won't cringe looking at the siding that was too short to reach the door molding.

Back to work for Nick tomorrow, so I am on my own with the girls for 2 days. They were already bored by yesterday afternoon. Hope the Friendship Festival tomorrow will be something fun. They did manage to get in a little cliff jumping at Sherkston yesterday, went down for ice cream and played a couple games of chess and had some fun with sparklers last night. Pictures came out great.

Nick hard at work.

Nick finally sitting down.
Ann & Clara - note the faces.
Bad weather follows us.

Fun with sparklers:

Off for more adventures.


  1. The Ann & Clara picture is too cute!

  2. I'm following now! I love the light photos, those are awesome!