Friday, September 17, 2010

100 CDs on the Wall

Yes! They are done, the 100 CDs I decided to make at the last minute for our class reunion. Now, how can I keep myself from anally looking at each one to make sure they burned correctly? Should I just take the computer's word for it?

All that's left to do is a couple of name tags and to pick up a frame for the Riverside Lighthouse Mosaic.  The mosaic I made using Andrea Mosaic of all our senior photos made into a photo of the school was a big hit at the planning meeting.  I'm going to have to make sure I get a print for myself.  In the middle is Coach Dingboom being presented with a jersey.  Can't wait to give it to him.  He'll be inducted into the Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame in November.

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  1. Hi, Ann. Ray from around the corner, who just met you, Nick and your daughter. I'd wondered where those pictures you were taking might have wound up, so I noodled around, and Google brought me here. Beautiful stuff, especially the mosaic. That must have been a ton of labor of love.

    Eleanor is the gardener (as well as the cook) around here, but we both blog about all kinds of goofy stuff, so stop by and say hi, OL or IRL, anytime. My main blog is linked; hers is on the same site at

    Hope to see the pics from today someplace:)