Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two finished projects

My girlfriend drinks a lot if wine. On the garden walk a few years ago we saw a beautiful garden with a wine cork wreath hanging on their patio. So, Linda and her sister saved me their corks and voila! Took a straw wreath and left the plastic over it so it wouldn't make a mess. Got all the corks out and hammered a nail into the end of each one. Stuck a piece of floral wire a couple of inches long in each cork and stuck them in the wreath. Couldn't have been any easier.

Remember that mirror I garbaged picked a couple of weeks ago? Well, here it is. It's been painted for awhile. Finally took it to a glass place and had a mirror put in. I think I will hang it over this garage sale table.


  1. Very cool! I am most excited, however, to see your painted paneling with the oak trim. I have the ugly fake paneling in my house, but beautiful oak trim. I have hesitated to paint it, because I'm not sure how it will look if I don't paint the trim and just the paneling. You have just taken away a lot of fear!

  2. We lived with that paneling for years before we finally braved it and painted it. We had read to fill in the grooves, but weren't up for that kind of project. Think it looks fine the way it is.