Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hello Weekend!

I can't really complain about the week since I was off until Thursday.  After recovering from a weekend at the cottage, we tackled the garage on Tuesday.  Not quite as clean as I had hoped and we did just move some stuff from the garage to the shed, but we don't have to be embarrassed to open the garage door anymore.  But I do have to make a decision on the Eastlake furniture before it's time to use the garage for the winter.

On a positive note, I started sanding the sewing machine I got from David so I could paint it and Nick and Dave jumped in.  I had all intentions of painting it something like this:

Isn't it cute?  But think they have talked me into staining it, although I have never refinished furniture before and don't know how to get rid of all the variations in color like that big spot in the middle.

But, on the plus side ... it sure will be a lot easier to stain it than paint it.  And I think I am getting a little carried away with the painted furniture!  I spray painted so much stuff at the cottage I have a permanent callus on my pointer finger.

On the disappointing side, my daughter quit rowing this week.  I really thought this was finally the activity that she was going to really love and stick with.  Heck, I was already envisioning the college scholarships!  It certainly will free up some time during the week though and I could say I got my life back if only I had a life!

Finally got some rain yesterday and did we need it.  Supposed to get some more today, but hard to believe it will with this beautiful sky from last night.

And of course, the Buffalo Garden Walk is tomorrow.  Always one of the highlights of the summer for me!  And always means more work for Nick.  We've copied a lot of ideas from that Garden Walk.  Here's one from last year I have saved in my idea file.  My friend David's friend Annie MADE this gazebo from scratch using PVC pipe and material.  Is it one of the cutest things you've ever seen?

 Here's a close up of the material:

So, check back for lots of photos from the Walk.


  1. I love funky old pieces like that sewing machine! I can't wait to see it all finished!

  2. I love that sewing machine! I recently acquired one similar and I am in love with it! What model is the machine itself? Fabulous!

  3. It's a Singer. Called around and need to get a belt for it.