Sunday, July 25, 2010

Buffalo Garden Walk

We chose to go today because the weathermen predicted a better day than yesterday.  Just as we got there it started sprinkling and we thought they were wrong once again.  But, the day cleared up and by the time we were done, we sure were glad we chose today.  It was just so humid yesterday, don't think we could have even enjoyed ourselves.

But, the rain was the least of my problems.  Thought we would check out a few new neighborhoods this year and went down to Columbus Parkway.  The very first house I went to take a picture of their beautiful porch and nothing from my camera.  I had charged up the battery first thing this morning.  Too bad it was still home in the charger.  I knew I couldn't possibly enjoy the day without my camera, so back we went.  We were home and back in a half an hour and I would have been so disappointed to miss these shots.

How's this for mulch?  Smashed pottery

Wasn't that a beautiful yard?  Think my yard may be the recipient of the mirror I mentioned back a few posts.

And it's not just all about the flowers.  I love to look at all the cool things people put in their yards.  Check out the sign on this gate:

And look at her peeking out from the flowers:

This is an old heaboard resting on same table legs to support their gladiolas.

The architecture is pretty cool too.

Here's a trellis my friend Anne made out of an old metal headboard:

Look at this trellis she made.  That is painted PVC pipe with lanterns from Pier 1 on top of each post.

I'll get some flower shots in at a later date, the internet is not cooperating very well tonight.

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