Monday, July 5, 2010

Vacation recap

All in all, it was a success. Only one day of rain. Nick got the railing put up on the deck and the screen doors in. We also got the gazebo back up for the season. Even had a chance to enjoy the place for a change. I got to the beach several times. The girls got a few cliff jumps in at Sherkston and I made it to Sherkston to see some old high school friends. One I hadn't seen since I last heard Pomp & Circumstance - 38 years ago.

Our view from the screen door on Day one.

Look how full those sconces were.

Sunset the first night.

A few beach shots:

Friends from High School:

Ann, Sue & Barb

Barb, Pete & Ann

Sue's son's tattoo of his late father, another one of my classmates.

The fireworks were awesome on the beach. The canoe club had a barge out in the lake where they shot their fireworks. Lots of people on the beach had their own fireworks and Joey blew some off at the Sagasta cottage. The group was a far cry from the cottage parties of days gone by. No beer bongs, no rowdy fires and grandchildren instead of children. But it was good seeing Rob & Carol, Fred, Joe, Timmy, Mark & Donna, Matthew and his girlfriend, Brittany and their little girl, Julianna. Last time I saw Matthew at the cottage, we was the one walking around without his diaper and now he is the one changing diapers!

A blast from the past ... some things don't change!

Hate cleaning the cottage to leave, but M&M and Clara have had enough of each other for the week and I have had enough of them! All the laundry is on the line, the refrigerator repairman is here and the garbage is at the curb. I amo heading down to Mia's (the most awesome shop where she re-upholtsters furniture and paints in shabby chic style.) She must think I am a stalker because I walk through the place and lovingly touch every piece but never buy anything. But I have gotten some great ideas and she has a chair in the window that is a match for a chair I have. It is rattan and Mia says it is from to 20s or 30s. Guess I'm going to have to dress mine up a little bit.

We made this for our yard ... isn't it cute?

View from the car ... 1 hour and 57 minutes to cross the Peace Bridge.

Back to the old grind tomorrow! Think it will feel good.

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