Monday, February 21, 2011

They came, they ate, they left.

Our daughter turns 16 on Saturday, but we had her family party yesterday so I could recuperate today since our office was closed.  We cooked and cleaned for 2 days.  What is wrong with us?  Everyone else in the family orders pizza and throws out a bag of chips .  Yet, we feel the need to out-do ourselves each year.  Each year we agonize over our food choices, desperately trying to remember what we had for all the previous birthday parties.  Have we done roast beef sandwiches, lasagna, how about picnic themed?

This year we cooked a turkey and a ham.  But first we started out with Swedish meatballs, pizza dip and mini reuben sandwiches.  Yet our family was still chanting for cake while we tried to watch the last 2 laps of the Daytona 500.  And of course, I couldn't be happy with one cake ... I had to make two.  First up was the  Pioneer Woman's Best Chocolate Sheet Cake, Ever.  It lived up to its' title.  Next was a red velvet cake I found online.  The frosting called for heating flour with milk until it thickened and then mixed with sugar, butter and vanilla.  The frosting looked like runny tapioca pudding!  (I've come to find out it had to be beaten longer, but it still seems impossible it would have improved)  So, out I had to rush to buy some canned frosting and slap it on.  My other choice was to still be in the shower when the guests got here, so I opted to spare them all that lovely sight and went with the canned frosting.  So, they take my Mother of the Year plaque away!  At least no one in our families will be scarred for life with the site of me freshly showered and no make up!

No sooner than the last bites of cake were swallowed, the house cleared out like our office on Friday at 4:30!  Why do we put ourselves through all this?   It's a sickness.

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