Monday, February 7, 2011

My experiment in saving for a Nook.

Had a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble burning a hole in my pocket. Won a $50 gift certificate of my choice as an Employee Incentive Award so thought I'd get another B&N card. So, $75 down, $175 to go. I couldn't really justify taking it out of the budget when we need so many other things.

The light bulb went on in my head! We have a huge change jar that we save all our change for something special. Nick always complains when he has to roll the pennies and always tells me to just save the silver. So, dumped the jar out, took all the pennies out and put them in their own jar. Rolled $25 worth, which I am immediately going to buy another B&N gift card with and left the rest in the jar. How long do you think it will take?

1 comment:

  1. I didn't know people rolled pennies anymore - I thought they just dumped them into the machines at the grocery stores. Not that I've ever tried that. I usually end up spending my pennies before they make it into a jar.