Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Labatt Pond Hockey tournament

We got downtown las weekend to see the tournament.  It was kind of windy, but we were dressed appropriately and it gave me a good opportunity to get some pictures.  Although, I only took one lens cause I didn't want to have to carry my camera case.  The city was a beautiful backdrop to the games.  Tons of people down there, we took a walk into Templeton Landing, the old Crawdaddy's for all you old folks.  They had some cool bubble hockey games in there, and of course Labatt's beer. 

The Powder Keg festival was also in full swing, with sledding down the Thruway ramp, sleigh rides, bowling for tukeys and lots of food.  Better than last year, hopefully next year's will be even better.

If I ever get around to expanding my Picasa albums, I'll post pictures.

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