Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dear Women's Clothing Manufacturers ... we are not giants

All I want is some decent pants that fit properly to wear to work so I don't have to wear the same pairs of cordurouys over and over again.  Ventured out to the mall today.  Practically every rack at Penney's said the pants on those racks came in short, average and tall length.  Unfortunately, almost every pair on every rack was one length fits all.  Did manage to find one pair of short, tried them on and I could have waded through flood waters without ever getting them wet.  They did, however, fit perfectly everywhere else.  So, I grabbed a pair that were not short length and brought them home.  Figured if worse came to worse, I could wear some tall heels with them or if they really failed I could break out the sewing machine and hem (gasp!) them.  Get home, try them on ... they fit like a glove EXCEPT for the fact that they must have been made for a woman who is well in excess of 6 feet tall.  I could make a tube top out of the material I cut off the bottom!  Not to mention taking off that much  material off the bottom will probably ruin the whole shape of the pants. 

So, back to the store they go and I better get my laundry done to make sure those cords are clean!

And while I'm at it, how about if the designers of junior clothing make their sizes so that the girls don't go into an instant depression when they try them on!  My poor daughter, who is not fat by any means, was so depressed today while clothes shopping.  How do those manufactures think those girls feel who do not weigh 98 pounds and have to wear a size L or XL.  And where the heck do the plus size girls buy their clothes?  Talk about creating a self esteem problem!

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  1. I've always found, that if you're "plump" they also seem to think you're 7'4"

    Have designers never seen us short fat chicks?