Thursday, January 6, 2011

Do keys multiply on your key hook?

A friend left me a bottle of wine on my front step.  Unbeknownst to her, we don't use our front door and when I opened it from inside to get the mail I knocked the bottle of wine over and it smashed on the front porch.  What a waste of a perfectly good bottle of wine!

But it got me to thinking about why we never use that door and I got all our key rings down and realized that on 4 key rings with car keys that we use every day, there was not a single key to the front door!  Which got me to checking through all our keys.  Not only did we not have those keys, but neither one of us had a key to the door inside our garage.  There was one lonely key hanging inside the garage which opened that door. 

But, I did find keys to our neighbor's house, key's to our friend's cottage, keys to our parents' houses and many, many keys that we had absolutely no idea what they opened.  After sorting through them, we did manage to find at least one key to each of the 3 doors in our house and a key to the shed, but there were still at least 8-10 keys left that we had no idea what they opened!  Even after all that, we were still only able to eliminate one key and toss it out. 

So, next stop ... Home Depot Key making department!

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