Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And this is why I never have scissors ... AKA I thought I might find Jimmy Hoffa

Had the day off for MLK day yesterday and thought it would be a good day to really go through my almost 16 year old daughter's room.  I got about 4 hours into it and thought I would never see the floor again.

Amongst all that junk I found 6 pairs of scissors, 5 rolls of scotch tape and 3 calculators.  No wonder I have to keep using my Joann's coupons towards buying scissors! 

Now I know I was a slob when I was a kid, but this room looked like an episode of hoarders!  Thank God my lovely daughter was sick so she wasn't able to "help" me!


  1. matches.

    A big bonfire fixes lots of things :p

  2. LoL....sounds like a room I would love to take a little shopping spree in...clearly, all the good stuff ends up in her room!

    I always wait until my daughter is over at grandma's or totally entranced in TV before I start cleaning her room. I whisper "do you want to help me" in a low voice, then when she doesn't hear me, I just have at it in her room. Later, if she complains, I always say, "hey...i asked you if you wanted to help."