Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cats and unconditional love




My 3 babies, each with their own little personality quirks and each loves one of us more than the others.  That big boy in the box was rescued after living on my mother's front porch for about a month.  He weighed 10 pounds when we got him, close to 20 now.  Still jumps from any noise and he has been living here for 5 years.

Thor, up at the top was another rescue through a group.  His elderly owner died and his loving relatives took him to the vet to be destroyed at 3 years of age.  So glad the vet called the rescue group.  He belongs to my husband and could care less about the rest of us, unless we are holding a can of cat food or a piece of cheese.

And Brittany, another rescue loves our daughter.  Sleeps curled around her head every night.  Brittany is afraid of Otto and so we play musical cats every day. 

We always swear we are never going to get another pet, but here we are ... one step away from being the crazy cat people.  I figure we're good as long as the cats don't outnumber us.  But no one will ever love you like a pet does.

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  1. Yellow kitties are the best!!
    I wanna be a crazy cat lady. Someday I'm going to have no less than 4 cats.