Monday, November 29, 2010

Misadventures in shopping

It began innocently enough with my desire to change the light color on my Christmas tree this year.  Since my newest obsession is shades of purple, I thought I'd go with that.  I saw some purple lights at Target and plugged them in and compared them to the pink.  They definitely looked purple.  What better to go with the purple lights than some beautiful purple ribbon for a tree topper.  Made the big bows, put the purple lights on the trees and lo and behold, they didn't match at all.  Once those lights were on the tree, they looked pink and the ribbon looked terrible.

Searched high and low and found some purple LED strings at Target for $11.99 a string.  It killed me to spend that much, but I bought 4 strings and mixed them in on the tree.  They looked great.  The next day I see them in the Target ad for $9 a box.  Off I go with my receipt to get a price adjustment.  After the girl finally figured out to how adjust the price, instead of taking my $13 refund and going home, I thought what the heck ... might as well get some more lights while they are on sale.  I thought white would be nice.  So I pick myself up 4 boxes of white lights and decide to pick up something in the women's department.  Got what I wanted, hunted for my cart and get up to the line and discover all that is in the cart is the leggings I just picked out.  Back to the women's department and finally hunt down MY cart.  Get back in line (6 cashiers open out of 18!) and realize that I picked 2 different kind of white lights - 2 cool white, 2 warm white.  WTH?  Who would have thought that they would make the exact same lights in 2 different shades of white?  Screw it, I got them anyway.  I plan on telling Nick that I meant to get 2 different kinds!

I think the worst part, though, is they gave me a $5 off $50 coupon.  You know I'm going back, don't you?

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