Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Guess I'm not as adaptable as I used to be.

Driving my husband's truck tonight (something I'm not used to doing), all I wanted to do was squirt the windshield while I was driving.  Well, I put my right turn signal on, flashed my high beams at someone and pressed the button to put it in towing mode!  Thought I was going to have to stop at a gas station to clean that windshield, but I finally figured it out.

Hard to believe I fix computers for a living but can't find the wipers button on the steering column. 

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  1. My car's battery died 20 minutes before I had to be downtown last week, so I wound up having to drive, and even scarier parallel-park, Eleanor's honkin' yellow truck (you've seen it- hell, space aliens can see it- before we put them in the garage for the winter).

    Somehow, I got to court on time and didn't bash anybody's bumper in. Still, I feel your pain:)