Saturday, October 16, 2010

It began innocently enough ...

While perusing my favorite message board I stumbled on a post titled "What should I bring to a potluck?"  While scanning the replies I came across a recipe for pumpkin bars.  What the heck, I have some canned pumpkin.  Why not try them?

So, I gathered up all my ingredients and had to dig a little deeper than I thought for a couple of them.  The next thing I know, the entire contents of my lazy susan cupboard are spread out on the floor and kitchen table.  That is when I realized, I'm a spice whore.  WTH?  3 containers of garlic powder (2 of them open).  Not to be outdone were the containers of black pepper, anything containing garlic, all their Italian seasoning cousins and not to let the baking supplies feel left out ... 3 containers of cinnamon, 3 packages of expired yeast  and enough sprinkles to decorate my Christmas cookies until I die. 

So, I weeded through all the duplicates and expired stuff and think I filled up half a kitchen trash can.    I really hope those pumpkin bars were worth it!


  1. LOL! I'm the same way, and the thing is, I don't even have room in my spice cabinet for more, but when I'm at the store, I'd rather buy it and have it than have to go back out for it! LOL

  2. That's hilarious. Sounds like my can NEVER have too many duplicates of spices!

    How were the pumpkin bars? At least you got a free cabinet cleaning out of it!

  3. The pumpkin bars were worth the extra work they caused!

  4. LOL! I was digging through my spice cabinet for dry mustard and cannot believe how much nutmeg (at least 3), cloves (ground, at least 2) and too many more that I can't remember ever using!