Saturday, August 21, 2010

Primanti Brothers

My husband and daughter love the food channel and travel channel.  Always drooling at the site of some huge sandwich or breakfast.  However, he is not a very spontaneous person.  Everything always has to be planned to the minute.  So when he suggested taking a trip to Pittsburgh to go to Primanti Brothers for a sandwich I jumped at the chance.

I called around, got reservations and 2 days later off we went.  Drive was smooth, just a little under 4 hours with all but the last 5 miles being on the Thruway.  Got checked into our hotel and hopped back into the car and off to downtown Pittsburgh.  Unfortunately, when I put the address into Mapquest I put in 48 16th Street instead of 46 18th Street.  Apparently there is no 48 16th Street, so Mapquest substituted S 16th and I didn't notice.  Well, we get to this little section of town and no Primatni Brothers.  Our daughter puts it into her phone and we realize our mistake.  No problem, right?  We just drive north on S 16th street and we will find our way.  Nope!  16th Street is on the other side of town from S 16th Street.  We finally get the directions up on the phone and travel across several of the bridges in downtown, stop a couple people for directions and finally find the restaurant in an old warehouse district.

Had no problem getting a table (guess it helps that the restaurant is open 24 hours a day and apparently 2:30 isn't theie busiest time).  Ordered our sandwiches and they were on the table in about 5 minutes.  No plates, just on wax paper.  I was a little worried about the french fries and coleslaw on the sandwich, but the bacon more than made up for my concerns!  They were delicious.

After we got done with those delicious sandwiches we took a walk through the Strip District and all I can say is one thing - they sure love their Steelers.  Of course, if the Buffalo Bills had won 6 Super Bowls I think our love affair with them would be a little stronger.  Walked down about 10 blocks in search of an old fashioned ice cream parlour.  Finally found it and enjoyed some delicious strawberry ice cream.  Good thing that walk was so long that we walked off a little bit of that sandwich before we got there. 

Loved all the little shops along that section, sure wish we had something like this in Buffalo.  A great Italian shop, Polish shop, Enrico's Biscottis (which we just saw on the travel channel the day before circa. 2003 - so Enrico was a little grayer!). 

Next stop, compliments of directions from Enrico, was the "Incline". That was the highlight of the trip for me, although I couldn't help wondering if the cable might break and send us plummeting to our death. Thank God the trip was so short. And the view at the top was worth all the sweating on the way up!

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