Monday, August 2, 2010

Horse Around

This weekend was the 4th annual "Horse Around" to benefit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  This was my 2nd year volunteering.  The keynote speaker, Colleen Nick, had her six year old daughter abducted by a stranger in 1995.  She has yet to be found.  Morgan, her daughter, will be 22 years old in September.  I don't know how she gets up every morning and faces the day not knowing where her daughter is.  Yet she still manages to have hope that someday her daughter will come home. 

The turnout was great - 280 guests paying $125 per ticket.  There was almost 100 silent auction items and 6 live auction items.  The bidding ended at 6pm, so I waited until 5:59 to bid on a Secret Service hat, polo shirt and golf balls for Nick.  Then I casually stood by the bid sheet until the bidding ended.  So, M&M and I worked the auction and Nick is the only one who got something out of the deal.  Of course, that's no different than usual.

The demonstration by the two sheriffs from the mounted division drew lots of attention this year.  The food, not so great.  Don't think a restaurant should try to serve steak in a buffet line. 

For more information see Morgan Nick Foundation or NCMEC.

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